The Unvarnished Truth

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Unvarnished Truth #17

Dean Becker reporter & host, Richard Lee founder of Oaksterdam, Cheryl Shuman, Canadian reports, Rabbi Kahn opens DC dispensary, Cann Cup in San Fran, Dr. Gupta on CNN, Doc says "a bud a day", Eric Holder, pot in Israel, Obama re Mexican drug war, a Clockwork Red, Presumed Guilty, Jerry Epstein Pres DPFT, Ann Lee staunch TX Republican for weed, Tween deaths.

Unvarnished Truth #16

Host Dean Becker interviews Jerry Epstein Pres of Drug Policy Forum of Texas, Steve Nolin of Houston NORML, Obama re racial disparity, NatGeo report on med MJ, Pope nope on dope, Mich bust to SCOTUS, Hunter S on weed, Baker Institute & Law College combine to change drug laws, Doug McVay re pain meds report.

Unvarnished Truth #15

FOX in Houston report on Young Republicans for ending drug war + Young Republican meeting with Carl Veley & Jerry Epstein of DPFT, Judge Delaney of LEAP and Richard Lee of Oaksterdam Univ + Doug McVay of CSDP re Prison report & Vicente Fox Interview with High Times & David Simon and David Carr on failure of drug war.

Unvarnished Truth #14

Debate between former congressman and drug czar Asa Hutchinson & Ethan Nadelmann the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Unvarnished Truth #13

Rob Kampia Dir of Marijuana Policy Project, drug law alliance of Baker Institute & S. Tex Law College, Dr. Carl Hart on Tavis Smiley, Doug McVay with Drug War Facts, report on cost of prison phone calls, NBC report on cannabis use by kids, pot smugglers go free on border, Daniel Robello of Drug Policy Alliance, Dave De La Paz, Mary McCallif & Maria Villanueva of Caravan for Peace & Sam Salzazar of Marijuana 411

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar