10/20/17 Neal Woods

Drug Policy Alliance Conference: Neal Woods author of Good Cop Bad War and Dir of LEAP UK, Andre Hirsh & Maya Odarian of Caravan for Peace, Rick Steves of PBS fame,Sarah Gale of Zendo Project, Mike Margolis of Psymposia, Richard Van Wicker of LEAP US, Tony Poppa of DPA & Ira Glasser former head of ACLU

58:00 minutes (26.55 MB)

10/22/17 Dean Becker

Sun - SEX & WEED!

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

10/21/17 Troy Dayton

Sat - Troy Dayton Pres of Arcview Group 2/2

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

10/20/17 Troy Dayton

Fri - Troy Dayton Pres of Arcview Group

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

10/19/17 Brian Whitaker

Thu - Brian Whitaker of Axiom Designs

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

10/18/17 Chris Farrel

Wed - Chris Farrel of Scientific Inhalations

3:00 minutes (1.37 MB)

10/17/17 Benjamin Landaverde

Tue - Benjamin Landaverde of OG Cannabis Ins

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

10/16/17 Dylan Wilkes

Mon - Dylan Wilkes of Orange Phototonics

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

10/15/17 Doug McVay

Live from the Drug Policy Alliance's 2017 International Reform Conference, we hear from South African researcher Shaun Shelly, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow from The Ordinary Peoples' Society, and Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno.

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

10/13/16 Dean Becker

PLEDGE DRIVE SHOW - Cannabis Conference III: Dylan Wilkes of Orange Phototonics, Benjamin Landaverde of OG Cannabis Ins, Chris Farrel of Scientific Inhalations, Brian Whitaker of Axiom Designs, Troy Dayton Pres of Arcview Group +++ Doug McVay segments with Oregon State Senator Lew Frederick about racial profiling, criminal justice, drug policy reform, and Oregon's House Bill 2355 which passed earlier this year.

58:00 minutes (26.56 MB)

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar

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